GSM Founder Speaks at The Washington Association of Marketing Educators

Washington Association of Marketing Educators

On October 12th 2012, The founder of Gervelis Search Marketing gave a keynote presentation at The Professional Development Conference for Marketing and Business Educators in Washington State. The presentation touched on four different topics.





  • Life as a young entrepreneur
  • Global trends is social media and technology
  • How global trends are effecting our students
  • What educators can do to prepare our students for life in the new digital world

Gabriel commented regarding his presentation.

“I have a feeling that parents of students K – 12, and education boards are not aware that social media is a global trend. We are living in an exciting age and fundamentals of how the human race communicates has changed. If my presentation can bring an Ah-Ha moment to the educators of our children regarding this global shift, then our students will be prepared for life in the new digital age.”

One of the social mission’s of Gervelis Search Marketing is to ensure that students and teachers are aware that social media is not a fad, it’s part of a global trend that can not be denied. If students are not adapting skill sets for this new age, then they will enter the business world with out the proper education.
In order to fulfill this social mission Gabriel is part of the Business Leadership Committee for Washington DECA, and has spoke at previous events including events for the Washington Association for Career and Technical Education

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